Style Rookie Tavi on the cover of LOVE?

tavi style rookie love cover magazine

OMG Tavi in UR magazines posing on teh coverZ!

The picture dropped into my inbox today, not 100% sure if it’s genuine (surely a real graph des wouldn’t let clapboard slats get in the way of text legibility?) but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

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6 comments to Style Rookie Tavi on the cover of LOVE?

  • That’s girl’s like a wonderful fashion alien that’s come from a planet where young girls are full feathered individual fashionistas! LOVE her.

  • I love Tavi, but if this is FOR REAL I will probs commit suicide.

  • admin

    Tavi gets nothing but love from us all, but yes the whole child prodigy does induce a feeling of harikiri…

  • It’s just weird! Call me old fashioned but I want to see supermodels on the covers of my fashion magazines, not celebs, internet peoples or anyone else. Plain ol’ super hot supermodels. I do love the Tavster though, I need to make that clear.

    ANYWAY I don’t suppose this is the real cover, they had all the teasers last time too.

  • Makes me wish I was awkwardly leaning against clapboard houses clad in Westwood when I was thirteen. Rather than falling out of trees in cropped dungarees, a cheesecloth top and a Blossom era floppy hat.

  • I don’t think it’s the cover but I wish it was. That would be REALLY brave

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