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I’m probably gonna be with her for the rest of the summer

Words can’t express how amazing this video is, love the words of wisdom about dating and the fighting talk. Also, the fashion is UH-mazing, offthe shoulder tops, rock tees and fake nails. A woman with a cutoff tee and pineapple hair says “women always have a strike up on men, we have our bodies and we’ve always got the cheque to cash” whilst doing a double finger-point to her vagina, WIN. The girl who tells us “I put some girl in the hospital and she ended up dying” rocks a Chloe Sevigny-style open shoulder chambray shirt like nobody’s business.

The documentary is called Wildwood N.J by Ruth Leitman, who seems pretty UH-mazing herself.

“It’s different every night, every night it’s different.”

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  • http://www.mychemicaltoilet.com StuartW

    “She ended up dyin’…” The most roundabout murder confesh ever. Amazing video, if you get your hands on the whole movie let me know plz??

  • http://www.mademoisellerobot.com Mademoiselle Robot

    I WANNA SEE THIS!!! If you do find out about where to get the whole movie, let me know. This is all I love about America.

    And yeah, the fashion looks pretty spot on, although I find it funny that we basically all want to dress like hillbillies.

  • http://www.isabelleoc.co.uk Isabelle

    So what you’re both saying is I should make an lcd projector (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6n6jW0XIV0), buy the dvd and have movie night chez moi? Ok!

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