I’m alive, I promise!


Wow, it’s really been so long I’ve forgotten the max pixel width of my images, pure blogger lulz. Anyway, onto to the neeeews. River Island totally know how to throw a party. Their press days are lively enough, so when they actually held a party tonight (in aid of their Ts of Trust tee shirt launch) in their Oxford St store the atmos was archi chouette. I went with Laura from Fabsugar who tried on some pretty cool boots (see pic above). I tried on some silly earmuffs and snapped PR Arieta posing like there’s no tomorrow. Wish I had a video camera cause she can do a mean moonwalk.

I’m in my Smart For Work™ clothes, loving the charity shop leather skirt right now. Some man at the party shopping with his girlfriend told me my tights were well wicked, it made me smile. Love the sparkly bib necklace in the 1st pic, was singing ‘Christmas in your hand’ to the tune of T’Pau’s China in Your Hand for a while there. There was a band playing and if you look hard enough Graduate Fashion Week and Head River Island person Richard Bradbury is in the picture below. Can you spot him?!


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