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Today Is The Tomorrow You Were Promised Yesterday


Winter ain’t so bad when you’ve got a mini mug of O’Gradys (Sainsburys’ far superior Baileys rip-off) and a mince pie. I’ve got to tell you all about the Madeleine Vionnet exhibition and other Paris japes, but in the meatime lets have a little art ponder.

Can we get a fashion love, love, LOVE! for this piece by Victor Burgin? Aesthetically I’m a big fan of bleak black and white photography anyway, but the accompanying paragraph makes it a classic piece of image and text. I once made a banner using the words “Today Is The Tomorrow You Were Promised Yesterday” and a passing policeman told me it was the most thoughtful protest sign he’d seen all day. Too right. Getting on with pipe dreams has never felt so important right now, so hopefully I can look back at this piece to remind me the importance of a good hair-brained scheme.

In other artthrob news I’ve set up a Google Alert for Jeremy Deller, so I never miss another lecture, exhibition or procession involving splitting one of the Blackout Crew’s songs into four-part harmonies and playing them out of car speakers. I’m not saying you need to set up a Google Alert too, but I’m sure your life would be better if you bought the Acid Brass cd, or watched a steel drum band play Joy Division. DO IT.

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  • Mia

    Love this post and totally agree re: O’Grady’s (so, so much nicer than Bailey’s). Will check out the Blackout crew thing, sounds very interesting!

  • sam

    hair brained schemes
    jezza deller
    activism =
    2 people 1 ife ditty
    now get back to writing about fashion so im not jelz about your posts wishing id written them

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