It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best

gloves gitanes
The picture was taken last year after a performance at Bum Bum Train (hence the dodgy makeup), it’s the only picture I have of my favourite gloves because last night I lost them in Soho. Never again will I be able to wear gloves where each finger is a cigarette, a little joke I could share with myself every time I wore them. I’m 27, and in a few weeks I’ll be 28 but whenever I lose something I turn into a child.

I think it’s because nearly everything I own is from a charity shop, so what my wardrobe items lack in monetary value they make up for in sentimental value. Is it just me or do you guys get ridiculously attached to your possessions? Other gloves I have loved and lost are some lined leather gauntlets with leather buttons around the top, and a witchy-green pair.

Luckily this story has a happy ending, Giselle, Magazine Machine’s Art Correspondent has offered to knit me a pair in time for next Winter. Watch this space.

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3 comments to It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best

  • Yes, I get mega-attached to all my possessions! If I ever lose anything I can get in a major strop for days :-( Plus, I have actually gone as far as not wearing my favourite things, so there is no risk of them wearing out or getting wrecked!

  • Have you heard this Divine Comedy song? It lists all the shit he’s lost over the years and it’s strangely poignant.

  • [...] Outfit post: black and navy Remember when black and blue was the Worst Thing? Mixing your neutrals was on a par with going at your molars with a toothpick wa-aay back but now it’s delish. In Copenhagen I was working a snuggly mix of black and navy which was perfect for the cold, crisp weather there. I love a nice warm navy with a bit of patent or some leather, it’s super fronchy fronch and appropriately miserable for the ridiculous End of Times spring we’re having. Check out the little innocent glove-having smile on my face, this was before I lost my beloved mittens, think this is a recurring strand in my life… [...]

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