I love the charity shop!

Lunchtime trips to the charity shop are the best, today I bought my first ever playsuit, amaze! I also bought some Carol Christian Poell trousers in a winning shade of khaki, pics when I’ve adjusted the fit.

I have never found a playsuit or jumpsuit to suit my oddly shaped body, I don’t know if my body is long, or my hips are long or my legs are long or it’s all too long but playsuits are never a good look for me. This one however is a production sample and it had a note attached saying ’3rd fit sample’ so I’m guessing they had to play around with this one and maybe they even gave up. Which is why it fits me! Anyway, it’s exciting to join the playsuit gang, and I might even wear it before the sun comes out with tights and a cardie like this. Excuse the murderous glint btw, I was high on hot and sour soup.

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