Malick Sidibe and a trip to Mali & Burkina Faso

malick sidebe photo
You might have already seen Malick Sidibe’s photographs in the Guardian (thanks for the link Beatriz!), and if you haven’t then why aren’t you reading Rachael’s blog?! I’ve put a few up here because it reminded me I haven’t shared of my own Mali pictures. Last year I accompanied a couple of seasoned Africanophiles to Mali and Burkina Faso and it was really magical. They’re both Francophone countries so to be somewhere that felt like home but at the same time was utterly foreign made it even better. I tasted pigeon at a roadside café in the dark, got clothes made up, sang ‘Mysterious Girl’ in a waterfall, and saw enough cute children to make your ovaries pop out. Any continent you have never been to will be an eye opener, but these two African countries were really special. It goes without saying that next time I go out the I’m getting a whole wardrobe of clothes.

Woman with tattooed feet at Bobo Dioulassou coach station, fabric at Bobo market.
mali 1
Amazing ‘pagnes’, cutest smile, Safia Tou, make of the fermented gruel that saved me from sunstroke, three stylish ladies in Ougadougou, car boot Burkina style.
mali burkina faso
Getting clothes made up in Bobo, they let me go into the back room and see their sewing machines. AMAZE.
bobo dioulassou fabric

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