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Ren, zen, and moisturisers

At a Ren event for the launch of their new blemish fighting range I was expecting co-founder Rob to be a quiet, smartly dressed Scandinavian-looking man with euro-spectacles. I was surprised when a blonde, wavy-haired man with scuffed up brogues and a linen scarf came bounding in and cracking jokes. Surely this is isn’t the guy who co-founded the ultra-sleek aspriational beauty brand? There’s not a hint of kook in the packaging, and even the hippy natural products and botanicals are reined in with a luxe feel.

Rob proceeded to go through the variety of beauty brands and with a Rolf-Harris turn drew up a diagram showing the gap in the market that Ren has filled. I’m a massive fan of their rose wash, and their luxurious rose bath oil but I’d never come across their facial range. Packed with plant oils, vitamins & botanicals they really sink in. I’m a big believer in judging a product on how it feels, and I’m really not a fan of silicon-based moisturisers and serums. Their Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream really sinks in, and gives your skin that dewy plump look without feeling over greasy or heavy. Their Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask leaves your skin looking brighter and smoother, and my pores definitely look tighter.

So back to the talk and Rob whips out a book of Zen poetry, which he’s been excited about sharing all evening, and just like that I get it. Behind the jokes and the hippy exterior is someone who appreciates the beauty of something really simple, that works.

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  • Kat

    I adore their moroccan rose bath gel so much, so maybe it’s high-time I check out their facial range too. Do they smell at all?

    Good tip, Iso!

  • The Fashion Buzz

    Thanks so much for sharing this, we’re always on the look out for new facial washes and this sounds like a real treat!

  • The Shopping Forecast

    Cannot wait to try these new facials!

  • the style crusader

    oh i’ve never even heard of this brand… it looks pretty gorgeous though. it’s always fun to hear about the people behind a brand. it’s funny what you expect and what you actually get. xx

  • Cindy

    This is one of my favourite beauty brands… I love their moroccan rose bath gel too.

  • That’s Not My Age

    Yeah, he doesn’t quite look how I imagined – could be a contender for my next TNMA post though!