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Ennis cuff: £83. Silver short plank earrings: £62.

Doing some research for a freelance article I came across Sylvie Markovina’s jewellery on Kabiri. Like a delicate mobile, her jewellery mixes the holy trinity of pretty, industrial and simps. The Deco-inspired earrings have lost all trace of the Past Times repro kitsch, and look like the perfect passepartout earring. This crystal cuff leaves me a little short of breath, I love crystals, but it’s hard to find something that isn’t twee or totally rad, dude. The cuff manages to look tough and tres classy at the same time, trust in the power of simps.

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  • rachael

    Nuthin wrong with Past Times

  • Penny Dreadful Vintage

    The cuff is fabulous, elegant but also unusual and edgy

  • That’s Not My Age

    Liking the earrings.

  • foxandrose

    Love Kabiri could spend hours in this jewelry emporium. The geometric earrings are totally fierce.

  • A la mode

    These are stunning!

  • Marianne Carter

    Nuthin wrong with Past Times