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Winter has definitely arrived, I’m reapplying lipbalm every two seconds and my hair is a static crispy mess, we’ve got at least four months of this folks! At times like this I start stockpiling moisturisers like some kind of beauty-obsessed squirrel, and I really think you get what you put in. In my opinion heavily scented creams full of petroleum jelly don’t really do that much for your skin in the long term, and winter is the best time to go natural.

A’kin’s Intensive Moisture Complex landed on my desk last week and I’ve been taking it everywhere with me. It’s a moisturiser with organic shea butter, rosehip & essential fatty acids, perfect for this time of year when you’ve got parched, irritated central heating skin. I’ve been coming in from work, taking my make up off immediately, and slathering this on to avoid winter skin trauma.

This time of year you can also go for oils, they absorb really well and good quality oils like pure jojoba wont leave your skin feeling greasy. I also find that oils stop any clogged pore crustiness that can happen, leaving your skin ready to be exfoliated & buffed to perfection. I like Lulu’s Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil (phew!) I don’t really know if it is a time bomb, but the ingredients list is like a who’s who of all the great oils for your skin like avocado, jojoba and vitamin e.

I’m also partial to body butters, Yes To Carrots body butter is a particular favourite, it’s packed with a ton of great things like Dead Sea water, carrot seed oil and sweet almond oil that will bring your skin back to life. At the moment I’m also using Dr Organic’s Manuka Honey Body Butter, it’s quite a light formulation but really softening and soothing, and the honey smell is gorgeous.

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