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Confetti System party!

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for party decoration inspiration for my birthday next week. Most of my attention has been focused at the Confetti System’s beautiful garlands, their colour schemes are just brilliant. Sherbet-y pastels mixed with sludgy neutrals and metallics is something everyone can get on board with and I think I might use that as inspiration for my birthday outfit too.

Pleated skirts really give that streamer feeling, and have that wonderful ruffly party vibe. Add in some cobwebby knits and some ultrasoft leather accessories and you’ve got an outfit fit for a prom. All it needs is some kind of headband made from those ’60s nylon chiffon slips and some glitter spray and it’s party time.

BTW any IRL friends: this is isn’t a birthday wishlist, although if anyone wants to get me the SS11 Whistles skirt that isn’t out yet I’ll happily hand over my first born, or some of the lesser vital organs.

Repetto BB flat, Creatures of Comfort: $285. Chiffon ladder jumper, New Look: £24.99. Whistles pleated skirt SS11. ’60s gold Lanvin paperchain necklace, Atelier Mayer: £780. Wendy Nichol bullet bag: $550. Buckle sandal, Zara: £79.99. Boutique chintz flares, Topshop: £100. Miu Miu matelassé clutch, Net a Porter. Pleated maxi, George at Asda: £14.

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  • la Rue

    So many of these items are already on my wishlist too. And the rest have just been added. Love those Zara sandals!

  • the style crusader

    This is amazing! I love the comparison of pleated skirts to the party decorations. The pink pleated skirt is insaaaanely beautiful! Hope you don’t have to give up something too vital to get your hands on it. xx

  • That’s Not My Age

    Ooh love the decorations, didn’t realise the party was going to be so fancy. I’m going to have to get myself a pleated maxi and those Zara sandals – don’t worry I won’t wear them on Saturday!