Net a Porter launch print magazine!

STOP PRESS! Net a Porter are launching a print mag for Spring 2011, consolidating their status as the King Curtis of fashion retail editorial.


I’m wondering which fabulously highbrow publications they’ve poached their print staff from this time round, seeing as their editorial staff is made up of ex-Elle/Voguers. Robin Derrick was even (jokily) moaning about losing his staff to NAP at his recent talk with DisneyRollergirl. I wouldn’t really be surprised if ol’ Wintour herself ends up at NAP in a few years time, or *maybe* that’s what Carine Roitfeld has had up her sleeve all this time?? OMG…

Speaking of DRG she dug out this highly apt quote from Natalie Massanet herself speaking in the FInancial Times:

“Media companies are going to become retailers and retailers are going to become media companies. It’s inevitable.” TRUE

Their inaugural issue includes features two grande dames of the fashion world, Alexa Chung and Anna Dello Russo. I have to say, Alexa looks stunning as per, but ADR kills it for me, the relatively tame (for her) outfit of sherbet dress and sequinned lobster is totally floating my boat. I’m now wondering if I have enough time before my birthday party to track down a plastic lobster and cover it in glitter. Priorities guys.

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