Vogue.com party

Dress and shoes, New Look

The good thing about work is when you get a last-minute invite to an exciting party and you’re wearing jeggings and a shirt, you can nip down to the press room and borrow a fantastic dress for the evening. I’m wearing a panelled black lace/sheer dress (which I totally want to buy) and some reeee-diculous heels. In for a penny, in for a pound!

The party was to celebrate 15 years of Vogue.com, it seems so long! All the most exciting people in fashion were there, Katie Grand, Stuart Rose and Alexandra Shulman. Yasmin Sewell was also there, looking fabulous and relaxed as always. Can you believe years ago they had a party to celebrate getting a mighty 10,000 uniques? Sigh, the olden days of the internet. Oh btw I touched Harold Tillman’s suit. Ha.

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