Rock n dye, tie n roll…

I knew I was going to get the black versions of these New Look lace-ups, especially after seeing Fur Coat in them a few weekends ago. I also went crazy and got the leopard print pair, maybe it was wearing my tie dye tights all days that gave me a little reckless feeling. They’re light and I think the thick sole makes them warm, so a practicality WIN there and they really are pointed, not like the pictures from the site which hardly do them justice.

Krazy tights are from Topshop, I didn’t think they were that kooks, but they seem to be getting a reaction whereever I go which is in the street, at work and in Whistles… so jet-setting! I like wearing these with smart, buttoned up clothes; can’t wait till I FINALLY get my Carrie skirt from Whistles to have a little sheer fun with my outfits but that is a whole other story.

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