Malika Fish Pedicure

Malika contacted me recently to see if I wanted to try out a fish pedicure, how could I say no? I knew it wouldn’t be as good as when Moonface when to Thailand and got a fish pedi in an internet cafe, but then the internet always makes things better.

Their London salons are all very central, and they also do threading ♥♥♥ When I dipped my feet in it was like nothing I ever felt before, ticklish weird and omg, there are fish ALL OVER my feet! I really thought I was going to have to leave and started to make weird noises. This wears off pretty quickly and you get used to the sensation, the fish can’t bite, they just ‘suck’ the dead skin off your feet.

I wasn’t ready for the David Attenborough effect, watching these little garra rufa fish set to work on my feet was like having my very own nature program. Once I’d got used to them it was really fun seeing them swim around and fight for areas to feed off of. I had an hour-long session and when my time was up I sad to leave my new little fishy friends. My feet looked better than they have all winter, the skin kind of looked pink and alive rather than grey and sad.

Word of warning: don’t turn up late to a comedy show and sit in the front row after having a fish pedicure. I got called ‘the fish woman’ for the rest of the night.

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