What’s Your Power Animal?

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day last week with half a Guinness in the Lamb, the OC doesn’t stand for Orange County y’know. Fresh from Crufts, Sam is rocking a pug necklace and a tiger ring on a chain. I’m wearing a croco ring gifted from Soho Hearts (thanks guys!), see picture below for the up close and personal. I love the detail, like the ruby eye and the red painted mouth detail which is a bit gross. Beigey mani courtesy of Boots n07.

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3 comments to What’s Your Power Animal?

  • Mine is huge-ass gold bug / scarab with jewel for a bum from H&M. I now have two rings and a brooch. Wish they did it on a necklace though.

  • I love jewellery but I don’t yet own a huge bejewelled animal replica with slightly gross detailing. I’m kind of disappointed in myself, really.

  • Lupe

    It’s great to see more about the animal accessories. Lately I have seen the elefant trend on of the beauty blogs, but I really like the croco ring. Currently I am looking for a snake bracelet, it could fit to my summer clothes.
    thx for sharing

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