Bank holidaying

Cardigan: Uniqlo / Shirt: InWear / Trousers: Cos / Shoes: car boot / Bracelets: vintage

This bank holiday I set off to Henley for a bit of charity-shopping and I managed to snag a real old-fashioned haul of joy. I’m talking banana-leg Margaret Howell chinos, Ferragamo heels and a lacy pair of ’90s slipper flats. Yep. Also managed to befriend the guy from Cancer Research which usually only comes after months of hard graft. He kept bringing things out for us to try and they were all so spot on I’m considering moving to Henley. Making friends with people in charity shops is not to be taken lightly.

I dressed all comfy for charity shopping, in my new Cos trousers that I’m wearing all the time at the moment and my uber-cosy men’s Uniqlo cardie. I’ve also got on a sheer cotton shirt courtesy of InWear with a lacy crop top from Gap underneath. Might have to start a little shopping spree in Denmark, home of Amazonian women, as the shirt is a totally perfect fit, slim across the body but with enough room in the shoulders and the sleeves are the exact right length. 5″7+ women take note! Old fave pumps come from a car boot and are the best for slinging on. You may or may not be able to see the intense amount of diamanté on my wrist and finger, I think I have a problem.

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