Whispers & Anarchy: Mimco Beatnik Tote

Mimco bag / Uniqlo shirt / Vintage skirt / Zara Blazer / H&M X Swedish Hasbeen sandals

A while ago Mimco asked me to select a piece from their collection and get creative with some images. These pictures have been floating somewhere between laptops, pc and SD cards for a not inconsiderable amount of time, thank god for Picasa is all I can say. I chose their Beatnik Tote, on the surface it’s a sensible black tote but the detailing and mix of textures make it a little more special. It features my bag Holy Grail of both shoulder strap and briefcase strap which is perfect for hustling and bustling around town all day. With the clasp I’ve taken to clipping it on cross-body over my hi-vis when I’m cycling. Glamour and practicality, merci Mimco!

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