WWBCD, What Would Bill Cunningham Do?

I’m still on a holiday hiatus, but had to post a quick update after seeing Bill Cunningham New York at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village. I was definitely ready to be wowed by the documentary about the street style photographer, but I wasn’t prepared to tear up four, read ‘em FOUR times during the flick, one time which threatened to develop into a full-blown boohoo-fest.

Everything about him is charming, from his old-school ‘Ha-aahvahd’ accent, to his blue workman jacket and his Jimmy Stewart sense of ethics. There are a million heartwarming scenes in the film, not least the part where Bill accepts his Legion d’Honneur, his speech is pretty much Mr Smith Goes To Paris Fashion Week. The man proclaims to have never even taken a glass of water from the many events he covers; as someone who regularly seeks out the kitchen exit to perform a canape interception I have nothing but admiration for this guy.

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