Current Favourite Outfit

Excuse the hollow-eyed serial killer stare, I’ve not quite got the hang of GMT just yet. I’ve been pretty much wearing this outfit on and off for the last week, kind of gross huh? My sleep-deprived brain can’t be bothered to come up with anything else and the cashmere/silk combo is really useful for both cosiness and unexpected cycle-sweats.

Isabelle O'Carroll outfit
Jaeger shirt, Lacoste dress, French Connection jeans, Bertie shoes, Casio watch, Jaeger bracelet.

This outfit is basically a combo of all my heart-hands pieces, old and new. I’ve been alternating between this and PJs, I Heart NY shorts holla. The Jaeger shirt was a New York thrift find, soft, silky and only ten dollars! (That’s what she said hur hur.) Nothing like a bit of cashmere to make you feel cosy and Lacoste‘s dress totally does the trick, it also has pockets for your passport – yes I’ve been wearing it for that long.

Have I told you before how much I love my French Connection jeggings? They’ve been through quite a lot with me, two winters of outfit problem-solving. They might be jeggings but the thick knit and side zip mean they’re a cut above your average jeg. Lastly the Bertie chelsea boots are the comfiest fancy shoes I own right now. They’re not too bulky or clunky and they make my legs feel like the hammers in Pink Floyd‘s video for The Wall. This is a very good thing. They’re also fine to cycle in which gets my thumbs up.

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