Escape to Pett Level

A little before Christmas I went on a country escape with some friends, what with a house move, viruses and other annoying obstacles I’m only putting the pictures up now. Pett Level is tucked between Hastings and Rye, south coast beach towns rule my world.

Getting away for a bit is highly recommended, even if it’s just a country walk. We spent the weekend charity shopping, walking along beaches, drinking ales, listening to Radio 4 and freaking out over the Magic Eye book left in the cottage. 90s mems a go-go. Even the journey back was good, in-car karaoke courtesy of Magic FM and googled lyrics. Can’t wait to go back.

View from my bedroom window

Country fanzines!

You can actually try these Magic Eyes

First time I came to St Leonards I thought this was a chippie, it’s not. It’s a Christian cafe.

Buds in the pub, same jumpers, same hair.

Wearing New Look  jacket, Lacoste dress, EMU boots

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