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Sunday Sundries: home comforts

This week’s Sunday Sundries is pretty domesticated, think I’m doing a bit of pre-fashion week hibernation. The Clerk Ink Well print above I spotted as a recommendation from India Knight and posted it up on my Christmas Gift Guide and now it’s in my hallway. Thanks Faf, Frince and Mia! It’s just the thing to take the twee down a notch from the bird embroideries, I think they’re perfect for each other.

Fleur du Matin by Miller Harris is an uplifting green/herbaceous smell with a soft neroli floral. Such a lovely scent for Spring.

We’ve been getting crafty at home, love my flatmate’s knitting skills and I’m making patchwork.

Foxwatch! My new obsession is watching the foxes that appear in our back garden, here they are sunning themselves.

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  • Mia

    Love how you’ve paired the prints, they work really well together!

  • Tamsin

    Roof foxes! I love your housemate’s knitting, could she maybe let me know what stitch pattern that is? :D

  • Matthew P

    i checked out the rest of the prints @ Clerk Ink Well, nice one. really like the eat your greens one