LCF MA Show 2012

This year’s London College of Fashion MA Show was a real cracker, with some real strong menswear catching my eye as well as the womens collections. I’ve compiled a small selection of my favourites from the night but this is just a taster of the talent on show, forgive my eventual decline in this post… It’s been a long day!

Joseph Turvey

Joseph Turvey’s collection inspired an entirely selfish ‘I want that!’ reaction. The sheer-panelled bright knits are so covetable and would instantly give a gentle kick up the bum to my current wardrobe of sensible neutrals. There was also what I called ‘boyderie anglaise’ LOL, a colourpunch of broderie anglaise tailoring.

Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma’s collection was an elegant exercise in texture, sheer polka dots, thick wool and fluid tailoring made for a pleasing mix. Particularly liked the fur-spotted pieces that looked like they had been invaded by scallops. My favourite seafood in case you were wondering.

Yao Zhang

Yao Zhang offered up some delicious latex jackets through which you could see prints of the merest smudge of blood. At first they looked like a pretty floral and then became darker and bloodier, the tailoring was also something to write home about.

Charlotte Simpson

I don’t know if Charlotte Simpson’s collection fully comes across on the web but I swear there was an audible gasp as her exquisitely tailored pieces flowed and rippled down the catwalk. The LCF standard was as usual really high, but Simpson stands out as someone whose collection was impeccably finished, I was swooning all over her seams.

Tsz Fung Kwok

Futuristic vibes and slightly fetishy leather wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea butTsz Fung Kwok cleverly steered those slighty Matrix influences to something really quite fantastic. Digitally printed neoprene provoked more fashion-neanderthal cries of ‘WANT!’

Melanie Anayiotos

Melanie Anayiotos played with luxurious neutral fabrics like sandwashed silk and wool for a grownup and sexy collection. Loved the coated tailored pieces in gold that will flake off as you wear them.

Hana Cha

Hana Cha won the womenswear prize, her mohair studded pieces I stupidly missed out putting on here. but take a look at the metal collars.

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