Nothing Good Gets Away

Valentine’s Day always elicits mixed feelings from me, I’m a bit of a cynic so obviously it is RUBBISH and COMMERCIAL, but it’s also kind of cute to have a day to show your love for someone. Conflicted. As a Valentine’s baby I usually bypass all the slushiness, but I thought I’d dig out some fun vday things.

First up presents, I’m not so down with the enforced guilt-trip of vday present buying, but I completely endorse buying yourself something. What greater love is there than Chanel?

Vintage Chanel brooch, £515,

For those who are single and living in London you should go to the fantastic Slagbox, ‘a singles night for people who don’t like singles nights’. Hosted by lovely ladies Lindsay, Jacqueline and Tahita (Bulmer of New Young Pony Club fame) it’s held at the rough and ready Dolphin pub. All you have to do is turn up with a friend of the opposite sex, thus eliminating any dodgy single-sex packs of people. Just whack the numbered sticker on your chest and wait for someone to pop a love missive in the tombola. DJs include Tahita and Cocknbullkid; Lindsay and Jacqueline will be providing hilarious compere skills.

Coupled up lovebirds you’re probably going to want to stay in, get yersen an M&S meal deal and smooch to my slow jams playlist of Music To Lose Your Virginity To. Smoove.

Something slushy? Here’s a letter written by John Steinbeck after his son Thom wrote to tell his father his was in love. It’s beautiful.

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