LFW AW12: day two

London Fashion Week’s second day was a big un, with Daks starting off proceeding and Clements Ribeiro following shortly and dividing opinion. I loved the prints and the colour, but I wasn’t so sure about the pleather…

Faves of mine Teatum Jones held their presentation in Liberty, the wooded pannelled room providing the perfect setting for their AW12 collection which explored themes of lost innocence and fairy tales. Will be covering this in full so watch out for it!

Sister by Sibling’s AW12 collection saw them pick up classic themes like fairisle and the twinset and turn them on their head. Fun-fur animals were draped across leopard print cardigans and sequinned balaclavas brought to mind Mickey Mouse stick up merchants. You can see Katie Grand’s styling hand in the mix here with the mix of ladylike elements with oversized pompoms and fringed bags.

Ladylike with a twist is a train I can get on. Speaking of trains, I took leave of LFW to board a steam train filled with ale. A late birthday outing, it was a heady mix of old geezers, finest brown beer and a healthy dose of cabin fever. I even got a picture of the guys up front shovelling coal, exciting! For me, anyway…

Even though I was busy supping ale on an old timey train I caught some of the madness of the Stella McCartney presentation on Twitter, at one point it seemed like Alexa Chung was in clear and present danger, but no she was only being sawed in half for a magicians trick.

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