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Countdown to Marni X H&M

Marni’s collaboration with H&M is less than a fortnight away and I’m buzzing with excitement. Some fashion *things* you get excited because it’s big news but this is more exciting along the lines of ‘what nice things am I gonna get my hands on’. Marni is the fashion industry’s fashion designer, they’ve always been slightly under the radar. Consuelo Castiglioni has for over a decade honed the label’s ethos, a feminine, playful and slightly intellectual look.

Marni excel at vintage-inspired prints and a loose, easy to wear silhouette, that’s is something that easily translates to cheaper fabrics and patterns so it’s not hard to see how well the brand will translate on the high street. Similarly their accessories mix wood, metal and plastic and by the looks of it they’ve really come up trumps for H&M. See you in the queue on the 8th March!

On another note, don’t the bags remind you of Prada’s AW12 collection from yesterday? Mixed reactions all round, I don’t know if I’ll be wearing the Spice Girl’s style split coat but apart from that it was love.

Images: H&M

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  • Rowena


  • Anastasia & Duck

    I’m definitely up for fondling some of the plastic jewellery in store – I need to check out how it compares to the mainline though before I commit to buying. I’m worried it’s all going to feel light and cheap.

  • SouthMoltonStStyle

    Aaaaah I just want it all. Hope the queues aren’t too bad xxx

    South Molton St Style

  • Isabelle

    SMS – The thought of the queues is scaring me, wonder if there’s an out of town branch I can sneak off to.

    A&D – I reckon it will feel a bit cheaper, they would have differentiate it a bit. It doesn’t look that cheap though.

  • Hollybees

    Did you get all you were hoping for? I fancied some of the white plastic flower necklaces but didn’t even get a sniff of one even though I got there for 7.20 :/ nevermind..I’m now the proud owner of two gorgeous silk tops and a white sequin collar x