Bonjour from Paris Fashion Week! | IsabelleOC

Bonjour from Paris Fashion Week!

Greetings from Paris, this is just a quick post in between shows, showroom visits and cheese-eating. I think if I lived in Paris I would become a full-on coffee-drinker and tab-smoker, there’s something about this city which makes all my attempted virtuousness just seem pointless.

Catching up on shows courtesy of Herald Tribune and some top notch Earl Grey.

Invitations all carefully stored in my Moxham pochette.

Joico’s humidity shield is essential with the spitty weather, managed to whittle my essentials down to three perfumes and four nail varnishes…

So many great showroom visits this week, keep your eyes peeled for full posts soon.

After a criminally gluttonous dinner, can you see the bulge? Kept up my Chartier tradition of having two desserts.

After Amaya Arazuga’s show in the Spanish Embassy, beautiful, beautiful building.

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  • Mia

    Double dessert Iso – I ♥ U! And so should everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Mont Blanc and Baba au Rhum = <3

  • Tisha Green

    Paris Fashion Week looks like so much fun! I think everyone needs to experience it at least once in their lifetime =)