PFW: Veronique Leroy AW12

Veronique Leroy’s PFW show was pretty much the most French show of my week. The Lycée Henri IV in the Latin Quarter was the venue, a school with book-lined wooden shelves and high, corniced ceiling.

Leroy’s collection drew from the 60s and there was definitely a kittenish, BB thing going on with the hair and the short skirts but interestingly there was an element of grody-ness that was like the grit in the oyster -in a good way. The grodyness was a real old-fashioned French kind of fusty, a slightly dowdy and very European thing, not the ultra-cool, always chic Gallic stereotype that has been incredibly popular in the US and the UK for the last two seasons.

It was the side of Paris that I got exposed to in my week there. the everyday: dogs weeing on pavements, 70s architecture and smelly metro trains. Going back to the clothes, Leroy channeled this grody-ness with muddy colours, honeycomb knitwear and fabrics like sheepskin, vinyl and dusty tweeds that scream old lady down le bistro. It was all very borrowed with outsized proportions and details like punky chain belts.

The effect was ’60s chick steals her mum’s wardrobe to great effect’, as a retroist with latent oldy lady tendencies this is an aesthetic I can fully get behind. Sexy grandma for AW12, I’m in.

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