Sunday Sundries: Pretty Spring Things

Spring has sprung! It’s officially time for us Brits to spend time outside drinking alcohol which is exactly what I did today in the garden with a huge bowl of baba ganoush for company. Here’s a peek at some lovely spring things that made my weekend. My new DVF pochette was a Bicester buy, I had eyed it up the last time I was there and I swooped in on it, love the blue and white pattern, it’s got me thinking of Japanese shibori prints.

Yayoi Kusama nails courtesy of Boom Nails at the Tate on Saturday, it was part of their Infinite Kusama event which also included a Secret Disco set by Actress. Got a bit green-eyed as well as green-nailed (LOL) as my nails were a little shaky, but my sister’s nails (pictured) turned out awesome. Sibling jealousy!

Springtime has me going for one of my old favourite perfume combinations, Lush’s Karma and Origins’ Ginger Essence make a zingy, fresh team with the Karma adding a musky hit of patchouli.

Thinking of defecting to the iPhone crew, seems to be a bit of a sea change at the moment among HTC users. I think I’d probably need a phone cover like this one if I did, right? Amazing.

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