Sunday Sundries: Easter Monday

Although it’s Monday today, I’m betting most of you have spent the day in pjs, finishing off the chocolate so I thought it appropriate to post this week’s Sunday Sundries today.

Obsessed with these daffodils my flatmate bought, look at the sherbet coral colour, I’ve never seen this before?

Loving lilac french manicure at the moment, it’s natch but interesting enough to not want to poke your eyes out.

Loved this Ashish for Lulu & Co t-shirt at the Harvey Nichols press day last week.

Before Twitter I didn’t really realise quite how many people go to their family home and have a lamb roast for Easter Sunday. Thank goodness for Laura Silver who invited us Easter waifs and strays for a lamb roast with a barley and pomegranate sides with sumac yoghurt. Delicious.

Lemsip is nothing but a horrible mix of sugar and faux lemon flavour, I’m curing my Bank Holiday cold with a bucketload of berrocca, some vietnamese broth and a hot toddy.

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