Big Riding

I should feature more cycling on the blog, as apart from when it’s horrible weather like this I can mostly be found on my bike zipping around town. It’s my favourite way of navigating the press day maze and is pretty much always quicker than public transport. I’ll even forgive cycling for beefing up my thighs to the extent that I can’t fit into my Prada trousers. Still hurts though.

Cycling has opened up my hometown, joining up the dots between the tube stops and giving me some amazing views. Waterloo bridge is one of the loveliest views of London, especially when you’re not trudging along the pavement or stuck in traffic on a bus, and, it’s free!

This Saturday I’m really excited about the Big Ride, it’s a mass cycle promoting a safe, Dutch style of city cycling ahead of the mayoral elections. Cycling in the Netherlands is a dream, it’s so far removed from the bike/taxi/tourist nightmare which London cycling can so often be so any step towards a more Dutch approach to city cycling gets my thumbs up. If you’re into bikes or you just want London to be more pleasant place, come along!

pictures from The Sartorialist

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