In The Studio with LF Markey pt2

Designer Louise Markey is very funny, I hope it came across in my Studio Visit last week, but she has a brilliant sense of humour, so I pestered her with more questions about Australia, abbreviations and comedy. Check out Louise’s fantastic blog, which showcases some of her crappy art collection among other things.

Charlotte Rampling, Laurie Anderson

Favourite shirt wearers?
I’m going to go with Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling, Richard Gere, Meryl Streep and Laurie Anderson.

What are some of the best things about Australia?
-Aussie coffee IS amazing and the coffee culture is lovely too. Luckily I don’t miss this so much in London as there are Australian run coffee shops springing up all around my local area.
-The weather is obviously the major pull, it’s ridiculously great. They’re all whinging about how cold it is here right now and it’s 20 degrees every day with flawless blue skies. For me, the laid back vibe is also one of the greatest things.
-The pace moves so slowly that as soon as I get off the plane I’m a bit like ‘HURRY UP. TALK FASTER.’ but I get used to it after a few days and feel infinitely less stressed.
-But the BEST thing is the silliness of Australians, or perhaps just the ones I know. Like the English, it’s almost shameful to take yourself too seriously, and there is a celebration of ridiculousness here which I love.

Traditional Aussie breakfast of avo on toast

What are your favourite comedy films, or comedians if you have any?
Actually I’m only just recently getting into stand up comedy. I went to see Stuart Lee’s live show and I almost had a brain haemorrhage I was laughing so much. Favourite comedy films, as I’m in Australia now I have to mention The Castle, which is a homegrown classic and a national treasure. And also anything by Chris Lilley. Not an original answer but I do love The Big Lebowski. I love British comedy the most: The Thick of It, Smack The Pony, Peep Show to name but a few.

As I was transcribing the interview I heard Louise use my favourite abbrevs, ‘femi’ so I’m going to finish this with Louise Markey’s Top Five Fave Aussie Abbrevs:

1. Devvo = Devastated
2. Bottle’o = Bottle Shop = Off License
3. Povvo = Poverty stricken = skint
4. Damo = Damien. Pretty much any man’s name can be abbreved by adding and ‘o’ or a ‘y’ on the end
5. Derro = Derelict = Hobo

She goes on to use all the above in an example:

“I went to the bottle’o with Damo but we were too povvo to get any vino, we were totes devvo. What derro’s!”

Adding: ‘FYI, I don’t condone this kind of speech pattern, but it’s the unfortunate reality.’

LF Markey is stocked at Folk in London

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