Sunday Sundries: Car Boot Bank Holiday

My love for football comes and goes, I’m a completely fairweather fan but support Arsenal like my grandfather and my uncles. This Saturday was ripe for a trip up to North London to hang out with fellow fashion gooners, no pics unfortunately, football-watching is not the most photogenic of acitivities.

Chiswick car boot sale is a gem, I’ve been going since my early teens and even ended up at school there for a bit. ‘It ain’t what it used to be’ is the lament of the season charity shopper and car booter, but really Chiswick is still pretty good. There’s an amazing woman there who buys up secondhand in Canada for vintage stores over here, she sells her surplus dirt cheap and whenever she makes the car boot I end up losing about an hour on her stall. She also is a therapist and hypnotist and travels the world, such a hero.

Haul consisted of a leather skirt, some nice vintage-y summer dresses, skeezy boots (pictured below) and some mind-blowing sandals. It’s been too long, baby.

Grim concrete and neon make such a pleasing combo, I’d much rather see Hayward gallery-style lighting than a cheesy community art mural sprucing up a high rise.
Best late-night snack, fried courgettes with garlic and herbs on goats cheese and honey toast.
My eyes just soak this kind of stuff up, I get into a weird trance while my brain archives all the images.
Pierce obviously isn’t a horse, so what then? A llama?
Old tins! Just what I didn’t know I always needed.
Love these boots, they’re a bit sleazy, but love them.
Car boot mirrorcam came in so handy we even let the woman in the middle have a go. Who needs mirrors?
Car booting is hungry work, I polished this off and more. Down the hatch.

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