Prada Pattern Mix Lady

In case you hadn’t realised by my smug tweets and cheesy instagram shots I’m on hols right now, enjoying some family time in the south of France. Everything is better here, seriously, the food, weather and general life quals. Apart perhaps from the internet, small but crucial detail.

Anyway, check out this amazing lady I crossed on my morning run today, isn’t she incredible? All the more incredible for letting me take a (crappy cameraphone) pic of her. The slouchy printed trousers, pattern-mixing prowess, pink rollneck, coiffed beehive, she’s a total AW12 fashion ledge. Love the scallop-print Prada/Marc Jacobs-esque length overcoat which she tells me she bought in Paris when she was 22. I’m going to go running at the same time tomorrow, hopefully I’ll see her again. That doesn’t count as stalking does it?

Got to go and work hard on my tan and some more insufferable tweets about the weather, if you’re not on instagram you can check the sun-shots here. Bisous!

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