Holiday Hydrashe

It’s all gone a bit hol-shaped Isabelle OC towers (who am I kidding? Isabelle OC is more of a hut, like a country bus stop where kids hang out, drink cider, snog each other and set fire to stuff) so here’s a little holiday hydration post for your eyes.

I’m sort of squatting in my grandma’s lovely pink bathroom at the moment, number one beauty priority is Supporting All Tanning Activities. It must be a hangover from the six-week stretches I used to spend here that I don’t really feel like I’ve had a summer unless I’m sporting some Richard Phillips/Tom Wesselmann (slightly NSFW links there) style tan lines. A word to the wise, tanhounds, only total n00bs put fake tan while on holiday. DHA, the tanning shizzle, can slightly dry out your skin causing a bit of a flaky or uneven skin surface, so you don’t really want to be putting anything like that on until you’re well out of the sun and your tan is just starting to fade. Take it from a pro.

I’m obsessed with moisturising at the best of times but on hols moisturisation is a twice-daily activity. I’m using some standard Good Shit French pharmacy moisturiser as a base, but also a little dream concoction of Shea butter -the karité stuff pictured- and aloe vera gel; mixed together it makes a kind of gel-cream that wouldn’t look out of place on a porn film set (sorry) but it’s really good for sun-soaked skin. The aloe lightens the oil and helps it spread as well as soothing any burns or irritation. Stuff of dreams.

Dermalogica’s skin hydrating masque is excellent for non-greasy post-sun hydration and it’s gentle enough to use on the eyes which is a rarity. I’m also using their brilliant cleansing gel, it’s gentle but removes all traces of SPF.

Hairwise, I generally do as little as possible to my barnet on hols, Phyto’s Phytodéfrisant hair relaxing balm is as much as I’ll do, a little blob smoothed onto wet hair keeps it fairly under control and seems to lengthen the time I can go without washing it. I’ll also put a bit of shea butter on the ends when it’s still wet to keep it from getting too sun-fried.

Another really good gentle product is Weleda’s Almond soothing cleansing lotion, I’ll just let it sink in after a day in the sun and it leaves my skin feeling really soft, clean and soothed. Between SPFs, moisturisers and makeup it’s very easy to end up looking like a mirror-faced greaseball so I just put on a little bit of Philosophy’s ultra-light Hope in a Jar, the whipped consistency and oil-free moisture means you can layer on more and more without overloading your skin. Then I’ll whack on the no-nonsense 50 SPF Alpha-H moisturiser which I’ve featured before. Philosophy have also come good with their Miracle Worker eyecream which adds a boost of hydrashe to the delicate eye area. For the evening, I’ll do a bit of Etat Pur’s apricot-coloured Eclat de Teint which gives a brighter, glowy appearance to the skin and just melts in.

Little aside: my grandparents used to have the most amazing tropical print wallpaper, real Marten Van Der Horst for Topshop stuff but unfortunately their upstairs neighbour’s bathroom flooded and they painted over it all. I was crawling around in the cupboards to see if their was a scrap left but no! I’m going to see if I can ferret some old pictures with the tropical print. If this sounds a bit weird, they also used to have some incredible kitchen wallpaper which they saved a scrap for me when they redecorated and Bam! It turned up pretty much unchanged as a print on a Chloe hat years ago. Think we should start a grandparent wallpaper neighbourhood watch-type scheme, let me know if you’re in, yeah?

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