My AW Essentials from Next

I’ve refined my style (or at least I like to think I have) to a lot of quite basic pieces that I wear again and again, they’re the wardrobe glue that holds the rest of my vintage and kookier pieces together. I kind of shop like a stereotypical bloke, I like to swoop, eagle-like into my tried and trusted stores and snap up the new season variant of the same item I already have in different colours or fabrics. Boring but true.

Next asked me to put together an outfit for AW12 and I went for the basics, the important pieces that will let the more whimisical trend purchases shine while they quietly do their wardrobe glue job. The good thing about wardrobe glue is you can wear it all together, I’d happily wear this outfit as is, in fact this is probably a good approximation of what I will wear all Winter.

I really love a leather tote, it’s a simple but grown-up bag choice that goes anywhere from fancy parties to just down the shops at the weekend. If you don’t already own a denim shirt then what’s wrong with you? Not really, ~make your own fashion choices like precious angel that you are~ but srsly, I’ve got about four denim shirts, they’re so useful for de-prettifying skirts or dresses, doing the ol’ double denim shuffle with a pair of jeans, and there is lidderally nothing better than a denim shirt and leather skirt combo. A chunky, blingy necklace is another no-nonsense failsafe. I put one on when I want my outfit to petulantly say; “See?! I did make an effort actually and I didn’t ask to be BORN!”

High waist jeans are 25% mum, but that’s because mums know best. Tuck a t-shirt into a pair of high waist jeans and you’ll look smart, walk around with your muffin top/bum hanging out of a pair of jeans and you’ll just look like you still think it’s 2005. Ankle boots are another ‘you probably own a pair of these’ item, these ones nicely straddle the cowboy/chelsea divide and when it gets really chilly you can treat yourself to sheepskin insoles (that’s my inner mum speaking, obvs). Lastly the crombie coat, I really love a masculine winter coat, it’s so much chicer than any ruffly, puff-sleeve gubbins. A sharp bit of masculine tailoring will do more for your ‘tude than a million assertiveness self-help books ever will, fact.

Leather Panel Tote Bag, £72 Tencel Shirt: £30 / Chelsea Boots, £60 / Berry Woven Bib Necklace: £20 / High Rise Skinny Jeans: £20 / Chelsea Boots: £60 / Camel Crombie Coat: £60 /

This is a sponsored post, which this week is keeping me in Gail’s chocolate and coconut granola and nail varnish.

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