Competiton! Win an Izabel AW Piece

Posting your Instagram pics is un petit peu vom, but anyone who follows me on Instagram will have seen me doing some pre-shoot dicking around on Monday night with an Izabel shirt. I’ve called Izabel in a few times for shoots, they’re a decently-priced label where you can easily ferret out a lesser-spotted gem that wont be worn by all and sundry come the weekend.

Their Autumn Winter collection has a few such gems and what better way to display than a gif, my friends? Exactly. I’m particularly loving the woven print skirt, a nod to traveller chic without having to set foot in Camden market and buy some greasy pad thai. I’m also loving the spot print top, I would wear this with pretty much everything and anything.

UH OH, competition time! If you like what you see, just leave me a comment with a link to your favourite Izabel piece and one lucky person will win their item of choice! Check out their full range here.

This is a sponsored post, which at the moment is keeping me in a multitude of different versions of the same colour blusher, in case you were wondering.

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