Cycle Haters: I Pay Road Tax!

Cycle Hatred‘s feed of anti-bike bile retweets has been doing the rounds on the internet, it’s a collection of pretty dumb and sometimes frightening abuse levelled at ‘bicyclists’ (??). One of the most frequent grounds for the feverish abuse is the old ‘you don’t pay road tax’ chestnut.

Let me just clear something up, road tax no longer exists. Everyone, whether they’re a ‘bicyclist’, motorist or pedestrian pays for roads through their taxes. Car tax is payable by motorists, based on the amount of emissions their cars produce.

IPayRoadTax have come up with the nifty idea of making cycle jerseys which highlight this fact and they’re actually pretty cool. They make a pink one for women, but I’m going to gloss over that and show you instead the fluo and black versions. Would you wear this? I’m not sure if I would as I try to take the least combative approach to my cycle gear, but they’re pretty cool all the same.

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