Blackheath Shoot

Some images from a recent shoot I did with Charlie Clift on Blackheath for Living South mag, I love the light in the first one. Charlie’s great fun to work with because he always gets good vibes going. If you look closely you can see I used some real grody 90s vintage peasant skirts in some of the shots, I’m really feeling hippy skirts with ankle boots and knit jumpers, might have to make a trip to Camden Market.

I’ve never been to Blackheath before, it’s like some kind of Richard Curtis wet dream. When me and my sister inevitable strong arm my parents to come to south London for Christmas -because our native north west London is as boring as hell- I’m going to make them wrap up warm and go for snowy walks across the heath. It’s a little piece of the countryside in south London with Canary Wharf visible on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hugh Grant pops out from behind some bushes.

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