King of the Mods

When I used to live in Brighton many moons ago, I often saw this man walking down the London Road, the shabbier end of town. Even in my student days I fully recognised this man was a living legend but I was too scared to approach him. This summer on the way to my friend’s hen do I spotted my old neckerchief friend, being older and less inclined to give a shit about anything I went and stopped him in the street.

~glamour alert~ To the left is Morrison’s where I used to work and usually see this guy, on the right is the Co-op where another living legend -black-haired belipsticked Pegs- used to work on the tills. Up that road is not only one of the best pie shops, but also a bit further, Bardsleys, to my mind the best fish and chip shop ever.

When I spoke to him he was actually not scary at all and really lovely. I wish I could have stopped for longer, but I was in a hurry and may have been (ironically) wearing a pink sequinned cowboy hat. In the quick chat that we did have, he told me that he won prizes for his getup back in the sixties and was proud to still be a mod. Let’s get a close-up on this amazual neckerchief jewellery biznass. I’ve never seen someone wear jewellery in such a beautiful and slightly terrifying way.

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