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Rodial Glamolash: Camel Lashes Or Bust

Somewhere floating around You Tube is a really old video of me and La Rue impersonating a camel, it was in relation to a camel-coloured pair of shoes, but camels also excel at eyelashes. I’m a bit too much of a hippy to put glue on my eyelids and get extensions and too lazy to use false eyelashes. After hearing a few horror stories it’s probably a sensible move.

Maria Hatzistefanis aka Mrs Rodial came up with Glamolash after a disastrous set of eyelash extensions left her nearly lash-less. The serum, applied to the roots every night, promises longer more camel-like lashes. I’ve been trying it out for the last two weeks and it definitely works, my eyelashes are longer, fluttery and Buy viagra and receive it in canada fast slightly more curly. Forget falsies this New Year’s Eve, get Glamolash and you’ll be well on your way to camel city.

Have this bonus pic of two camel buds because they’re cute:

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  • harrietreuterhapgood

    Tip-top gif work. I have loads of these eyelash booster thingies (always tempted to use them on my eyebrows to restore them to Gallagher Bros levels after teenage plucking enthusiasm has left them baldy) but I never use them. Too lazy to wash my face at night let alone faff with like unguents and that.

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  • Laura LaRue

    You really should have dug out the video…

  • Isabelle O’Carroll

    it’s impossible to find! All those old Shiny vids are gawwn!