Resolutions: Smashing Targets for 2K13

Let me start by saying I don’t really make resolutions as such, I feel like I transcend the mere seasonal trends to hopefully achieve something more long lasting, y’know?? If you hate corporate speak, look away now.

As a freelancer I don’t have appraisals, or reviews or one-to-ones anymore. What was once a dreaded exercise in pointless box-ticking is now fondly remembered through the misty lens of time. After a bit of joking about personal KPIs and smashing targets I recently sat down with some friends for a life-appraisal and analysis of Next Steps for Q1 2K13 (lols). It was a chance to air out all those niggling things you moan about and practically map out those long-term plans. Working these things out with close friends turned out to be really useful. We took a bit of time to write our achievements from the year, our ambitions for this year, and three things that annoyed us about our lives. We also listed a quality in the other person that we wanted to emulate.

If you’re dry heaving onto your keyboard right now, I can only apologise, but I’m not done. My key learnings from this session were an annual update in brand values from 2K12′s ‘Just Boot It’ which symbolised getting things done, learning toughness and doing over thinking, to a softer ‘’ for 2K13 which doesn’t mean delivering truthbombs left right and centre, but is about staying true to yourself, reinforcing your kamagra soft tab personal brand (yeah I just said that) and reflecting on your gut feelings in everything you do.

Some of my goals for the next 4 Quarters are: decisiveness, realistic time-management, not worrying about the small things. Like a total loser I will be mapping out the KPIs for these in a Google Doc and ticking them off, perhaps quarterly. Call me a moron but it all feels very satisfying.

Fashion-wise, my Next Steps include continuing the Mega Clearout I’ve been having over the last month, being a lifelong hoarder it’s a habit that is hard to kick but I’m trying. I’m also vowing to let myself spend on treat pieces and devote more time to sewing. Pretty standard. There’s also lots of stuff related to the blog, but that has to be ~Top Sekrit~ right? What 2K13 Targets are you planning to smash this year?

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