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Silver Obsession, the Spring Update

New Year, new you and all that, but I’m still obsessed with silver footwear, after missing out on a pair of the Deena & Ozzy platforms -mainly for div reasons- I’m still scouring the internet for my perfect pair of silvs shoes.

This being nearly Spring and all that, I’m really feeling the idea (mayhaps not the reality) of wearing a midi skirt with ankle boots and gasp! Bare legs. Chuck some Heat Tech shorts under the skirt and a pair of chunky socks it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch and a nice way to segue into the new season. I love the silhouette of a high-waist midi and ankle boots, it’s kind of a satisfying mix furosemide no precription overnight delivery of Amish, marmish and a bit old timey. Reiss’ tulip slit skirt is a doozy of a shape, the long, lean, fluted style would team up a treat with Atalanta Weller’s zip boots. Mango’s high shine boots need a crisp, pure white and Topshop’s SS13 sheer panel midi is an exercise in perfection, love it.

Nia belted skirt, Reiss: £120. Atalanta Weller silver zip boots, Urban Outfitters: £80. SS13 sheer panel skirt, Topshop. Mango silver boots: £49.99.

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  • Amy

    That Topshop skirt is perfect. I’m really obsessed with “winter white” at the moment – I don’t know why!

  • Jenny Widdicombe

    Love this Mango skirt!

  • Jennifer Inglis

    Ooo la la. I love this. I’m not sure how flattering this is on but I do like the idea of it. I love the Mango boots! Yummy! xx

  • Isabelle O’Carroll

    I’ve kind of been doing this look with a tweedy skirt, cowboyish ankle boots and a fitted jumper, it’s surprisingly flattering, need to post pics!

  • Isabelle O’Carroll

    Yeah me too! I blame Rachael…