Cycling in the Snow!

Cycle lanes are iced over, the main roads are full of slush and it’s freezing! You don’t have to let a bit of snow put you off cycling though, as long as you’re careful you can carry on cycling in deepest winter.

The best tip is to keep to main roads, some of the suburban side streets like the ones near my house (above) are terrifying right now, icy snowy fear-paths. The main roads might get you a little slush-speckled but they’re going to be plain old wet rather than danger-glazed, keep to the centre when you can and you should be ok. Go slow, everyone seems to be super cautious right now, even the cars, it’s a nice feeling spotting a fellow snow-cyclist, kinda like seeing someone else at the 24hr shop on Christmas day.

A few more basic tips include:

Extra lights and hi-vis because the snow is dazzling to drivers at the moment
You should let a little pressure out of your tires so they grip the road, even better, fit some studded snow tires
Pack a snow kit which includes lip balm, tissues for post cycle snotty noses and intensive moisturiser for your hands/face (I might be a terminator but I’m still a princess yeah??)
Ear coverage, a tight fitting fleece casquette is amazing for keeping the wind out
Don’t get too overdressed, it’s not actually that much colder than it usually is
Scarf that can cover your mouth, the icy air can freeze up your lungs
If in doubt ride a Surly Pugsley!

Above all though, if it seems like it’s not going to be safe to cycle, just get the bus or train for a few days. It’s definitely not worth having an accident just for the sake of getting your bike fix.

Style Passport recently quizzed me about my cycling habits, if you’re into bikes check out their Cycling in London interview!

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