Topshop Nails SS13 by Sadie & Joe Williams

Painting my nails is one of the work rewards I give myself, kind of like a dog I operate on a strict system of treats and rewards for work done. I’ll paint one coat of varnish for writing 200wds/reeling off some emails or doing some annoying task like sending out invoices. It’s a pathetically necessary little carrot that keeps me motivated throughout the day!

Last night for the first time I found myself stumped for what colour to wear on my nails (srs problemz), maybe I’ve got mani-block? Luckily this cute little video dropped into my inbox, by filmmakers Sadie and Joe Williams. They’ve animated a range of pastels, glitters and brights as part of Topshop’s SS13 nail collection, it makes me lasix natural alternatives want to get some work done so I get on the painting. Always about the treats.

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