NYFW: Warm navy and Liz Taylor-violet eyes at Lisa Perry

Starting off with a blank canvas that is kind of yellowy, olive-y, I’ve never been tempted to go wild with colour on my face. Bright colours can often clash with an already colourful face, so I’ve always played it safe. These Lisa Perry looks from NYFW come courtesy of Revlon supremo Gucci Westman; they landed in my inbox the other day and got me rethinking colourful eyes. The delicate sweep of navy with a Liz Taylor-violet across the lower lash line, it seems kind of possible and wearable, even with the most mongrel mixed complexion.

“I wanted to create something playful with strong references to the 1960’s,” says Westman. “To make it a bit more contemporary and modern I opted for bright colored liners in blues and purples, rather deltasone online than black and added shadow on top for an extra pop.”

Regular readers may know I’m a bit of a Revlon nail colour fan, their polishes apply brilliantly and last ages, it’s a mani no-brainer. I love this ‘Provence’ colour, a delicate, ultra-pale lilac which will look great with winter-worn hands, whatever their colour.

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