Review: Camino, London

Tapas can be really tricky, there are few places in the UK that get it right and let’s not even mention that chain. You know the one. Funny then that one of tapas places that gets my vote in London is also a chain -kinda- with four branches dotted around the capital. Camino is one of the favourite O’Carroll places to visit when we’ve got family over. Walking around the docks and taking in the different buildings is always good and you can get there with the Thames Clipper, a whole ton of fun.

The food at Camino isn’t probably the best tapas you’ll get in London, but it’s definitely up there with Brindisa and Pizzarro. A mix of the traditional favourites like morcilla and padron peppers as well some more out there plates like their sort of bacalao ceviche make it a perfect spot for tapas beginners and the prices are really decent too so you can go all out.

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