Studio Visit: Stine Goya

I visited Stine Goya‘s dreamy Copenhagen studio way back when and now it’s a week till I return to the Danish city for fashion week. Cannot wait to soak up Danish style, cycle and eat their infamous brunches again. Until then, Stine answered my questions on her career as a designer, inspiration, Copenhagen and the new store opening next month.

How did you become a designer?
I started modeling and styling and in 2005 I graduated from Central St. Martins, College of Art & Design in London in fashion print. Then I got a great opportunity as being the fashion editor of Danish fashion magazine Cover which turned up on my return to Denmark. After working in those different areas of fashion, I decided I wanted to start my own brand. It was my ultimate goal for as long as I can remember!

What made you want to go to St Martins?

I really wanted to go to London to explore the city but mostly to challenge myself at St. Martins. Things don’t come easy at St Martins, you really have to work for it and I think was just what I needed at that time in order to find my own creative path as a designer. I enjoyed studying there, it was perfect for me and I am really grateful for my time at St. Martins.

How do you put together your ideas for a collection each season?

I find inspiration in many different things but each collection is always formed around a certain unique universe – an emotion or a tone with a special theme inspired by a spectrum of contemporary and classical sources. It is important for me to keep a specific Stine Goya signature that you can recognize in every collection but still looking forward and creating something new and interesting.

You’ve mentioned that you started sewing as a child, what was the first thing you made?
Already as really young I had my own style so I started sewing clothes for myself and actually also for my mum and my dad. I remember making a suit for myself in neon colours which really was not suitable for me. For my mom, I often made small tailored jackets and pants with pleats for my dad. Most of the time, I think they just wore it to make me happy.

What defines Copenhagen style?
Many Copenhageners want to dress individually and Copenhagen is definitely a place where you can interpret fashion as you like.

What are your favourite places in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a beautiful city – especially in the summertime – with many places to go, offering something metropolis as well as a small and cozy feeling. In August we will open our very first store which will be placed at Gothersgade which is a really cosy area – in the center of Copenhagen – near the beautiful King’s Garden which is a great park in the middle of the city. The area is in a constant development with new cafĂ©s and interesting shops so I am really happy to be a part of this.

What’s in store for Stine Goya?
I am really excited about our store opening, we are opening the doors on the 10th August during Copenhagen Fashion Week and I can’t wait to invite people into the Goya universe. The concept of the store is based on the universe you know from the collections with lovely colours and exclusive materials with a feminine and elegant feeling to it.

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