LFW: Antipodium SS14

Antipodium London Fashion Week SS14

Antipodium London Fashion Week SS14

Antipodium is another of the cherry-picked shows I attend at London fashion week. Their Somerset House presentation was so tucked away I nearly missed it, but thankfully arrived just in time to see a waft of pleated metallic organza, shocking pink houndstooth and some brilliant tailoring.

This season Geoffrey J Finch is taking his cues from Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served?, Miss Piggy and Cher Horowitz, formidable women and all championing their own idiosyncratic style. Make like an icon and work your own style with the mix of Antipodium’s wearable pieces; I loved the warped argyle knit, the sweatshirt and the sheer mermaid dresses everything has already been drooling over.

If you haven’t seen it yet, my interview with Antipodium’s Geoffrey J Finch is up on Notion magazine now, so go read it!

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