Sunday Sundries: the British Fashion Awards, feminism and collecting

I call this, Triptych with Champagne. This is me dicking around after the British Fashion Awards in my new Antipodium dress, bought about 20 mins before the awards. Trust Anti. The night itself was a total joy, with a few tearjerking moments and lots of omg moments. Roll on next year.

My mystical bleatings about being busy? This is one of the projects I’ve been working on, very exciting and the main cause for the blog silence: Skype Collaboration Project

Elsewhere my week(s) have really been a blur of work but here’s my week on the internet:

Lovely, lovely piece by Alex Fury on i-D about collecting, drawing from Anna Della Russo i-D

How hyperstimulation could be making you smarter.
That short attention span internet life that you secretly think might be ruining your brain? It could be actually making you more cleverer.

Margot Henderson on why women need to be part of the food and restaurant industry, just in time for my Christmas cooking plans.

How the media failed women in 2013
. Fancy getting riled up about sexism in the media? My pleasure.

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2 comments to Sunday Sundries: the British Fashion Awards, feminism and collecting

  • Anonymous

    First of all I LOVE your dress. It looks perfect on you and the boots are so cool.

    What’s your involvement in the Skype Collaboration Project? Just had a look at it and it seems like a great platform.

    p.s. just noticed the dress has pockets and now I’ve realized it’s even more perfect.

  • Sarah

    Your boots are the business. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get them from?

    Just landed on your blog and it’s srsly ace.

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